Court Reporting

At Smith Reporting, LLC, we are committed to excellence in court reporting and deposition services.

We provide stenographic court reporting services for:

  •••  Medical depositions  •••  Depositions via Zoom •••  Depositions involving highly technical terminology ••• Medical malpractice proceedings •••  Personal injury proceedings •••  Criminal proceedings •••  Civil proceedings •••  Arbitration sessions •••  Multi-party litigation proceedings •••  Examinations under oath •••  Hearings of all types •••  Meetings of all types  •••  Statements of all types •••

We provide your documents in virtually any format to suit your needs:

  • PDF transcripts via email, with linked exhibits – powered by YesLaw
  • Searchable YesLaw products with transcript repository, with 24/7 repository access
  • ASCII format electronic copies, compatible with mobile case management applications such as TranscriptPad
  • Traditional hard copy transcripts in full-size and condensed (4 per page) formats, with full color exhibit copies
  • Exhibits on CD/ DVD/ USB/ via Dropbox
  • Scanned exhibits via email, repository, or Dropbox
  • Custom requests

Videoconference Depositions

Smith Reporting now offers depositions via Zoom videoconference!

Contact us for more information.

Video Depositions

  • Professional videographers
  • HD video and sound
  • Videos delivered in the format of your choice
  • Synchronized video transcripts using YesLaw software

Video is a great complement to the written transcript. Our video deposition services give the jury the opportunity to hear and see the witnesses directly, which can provide a more powerful jury experience. Our professional videographers can also prepare videos that can help the jury understand the progression of events or document physical damages. Whatever your video requirements, we can help!

Deposition transcripts can be synced with video for all popular trial presentation software. Our videographers produce high definition digital videos which will be delivered in the format of your choice, and are committed to excellence in litigation support.

Meet Our Videographers

Secure Online Document Access

Access your documents anywhere you have an internet connection via our Min-U-Script repository.

  • Securely store your deposition transcripts, exhibits, and more
  • Access available 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Extensive document search capabilities

Why maintain your legal documents in filing cabinets when Smith Reporting’s Document Repository securely stores them for you?  Let us provide you with safe and secure access, as well as robust document search features, to find the data you need for your case – all available 24/7 – 365 days a year.  Our system offers extensive search capabilities that can be conducted by witness, single case, or by all cases available to your user ID.

Utilize the Smith Reporting Document Repository to access all of your documents online – every exhibit, deposition, and document we create for you is stored securely on our server.  We will provide you with a user ID and password for secure access and encrypted transmission to your computer.

Review and print documents in a variety of formats including, but not limited to:

  • Adobe PDF with linked exhibits
  • PTX

Smith Reporting’s Document Repository is available free of charge to our clients with every electronic copy.